FAQ Job Seeker


  • You should visit https://www.hotelnaukri.com/jobseekers/jobseeker_registration.php Fill up the form online when visiting for the first time and if the registration is accepted then you can get your login details on the email id that you would have used. Later on use this login details to access your account.

  • After you have logged in click on "Post Resume" or https://www.hotelnaukri.com/jobseekers/post-resume.php and fill up the details online.

    You may also like to upload your photograph alongwith.Later you can "edit" https://www.hotelnaukri.com/jobseekers/edit-resume.php your Resume or 'View' it online

  • www.hotelnaukri.com does not charge anything for posting resumes online. https://www.hotelnaukri.com is also not a placement agency thus no placement charges are assessed.
  • www.hotelnaukri.com is in the process of establishinbg itself in the areas of Hotels,Airlines & BPO Jobs online data services.

    Extensive promotion of www.hotelnaukri.com is being planned on major search engines like Google,MSN,Yahoo etc.

  • You should update your Resume from time to time. Also upload your photograph for better results.

    If you want faster results / job offers then you may consider our fast track 'Resume Forwarding Service'
  • You are advised to follow the steps as detailed in answer 1 & 2.

  • You are encouraged to apply to as many jobs online as you feel relevant to your specific needs. Use the Resume that you saved on https://www.hotelnaukri.com.
  • Your Resume is available and accessible to all / any employer searches.You should register only if you have no reservations or confidentiality requirements as to which employers may or may not access your resume, online.

    https://www.hotelnaukri.com cannot prevent any employer from viewing your resume online.
  •  https://www.hotelnaukri.com does not prescreen any posted content or verify its accuracy.

    You are advised to take appropriate precautions and make direct enquiries about the job listings or the contents yourself.

  • .The Employer/s may contact you by email or directly as per the contact details provided by you in the resume.

  • Not all Companies may provide this information openly.You should apply only if you have no reservations for applying to any employer.